Roots Manuva – Wonderfruit Festival, Thailand

There are many great learning moments in working with a client such as Roots Manuva, not least the varied an interesting places you get to go to and many people you get to meet…from all walks of life.  Roots Manuva has collaborated alongside many great acts, and toured for 20 years with many musicians, toying with many line-ups.

For the Thailand campaign, we decided to add some keyboards to the mix. Introducing Abe Hampton: International Musician, Composer & Performer | Musician Vlogger | Hardcore Piano + Power Silences  In this ‘gig economy…’ a  term in itself, which takes its ‘cue from music,” musicians like other working professionals, are often multi-faceted. Abe is an amazing Keyboard player…but SQUISH Media, was very impressed by his upbeat attitude, stellar performance….and…his amazing photography, filming and editing  skills. Clearly enamored with his kit, Abe filmed a 3 part series of the Thailand gigs on videos part filmed from his drone. A DJI Mavic Pro.

Instagrams: @abehapmtonlive.  @rootsmanuvaofficial. @s0ngb1rdsworld.

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