We provide and design training and workshops  around a variety of topics.  The following sessions can be delivered online or onsite as required. Online sessions are more communicative in nature with additional resources to support and embed the learning process. Face to face sessions involve activity and participation.

Learning Design

Do you have a business issue that needs a bespoke learning  performance or capability solution? We can assist by  conduct detailed analysis and providing guided consultation in helping you to find the best solutions for your particular challenge. This might be identifying the best training options. Creating a face to face or online solution from scratch. Guiding you towards the best technology. Or perhaps a mix of all of the above.

Introduction to Social Media – Benefits of becoming a Social Business

Introduction to social media: Explaining the benefits, best platforms to use and for what purpose. Introduction to the platforms including tips on best utilisation for your specific industry or organisation

Beginners Twitter 

Twitter has became ubiquitous or so it seems. Your either in the know or you’re not. How many people are actually using it? How are they using it?. How might it help you, your brand or organisation to connect with you’re existing and potential clients? Who Should you be following? Managing and interacting with your followers. Twitter etiquette.

Employee / Subject Matter Expert Interviews

Lets face it Your Employees are the real Stars of the Show We can film and interview your employees to show them and your organisation in its best light and in doing so, create compelling content which can engage your customers but also provide learning resources for your customers and employees alike

Beginners Facebook for Business

Starting up and manage your Facebook Business Page. How to attracts visitors and potential customers with engaging content.

Using Facebook for improved customer engagement

In-depth look at utilising Facebook for sourcing potential candidates and deeper commercial engagement

Using Google+ 

Everybody knows about Google right? But what about Google+. Is it worth your organisation having a presence there. How can we build and engage a community? What is a Google hangout and how can we use them to interact with our customers, and should we?

Beginners WordPress

A great way to engage your customers is to provide them with engaging stories around your products, services or organisation. Writing blogs is a great way to do this. We can help you encapsulate your experiences so that you can communicate authentically with your customer base

Introductory practical guidance on how to create and maintain your wordpress blog. How to navigate the features. How write posts and updates. Are you utilising tags and SEO to extend the reach of your posts

Creating and maintaining a YouTube Channel

A introduction into the YouTube platform. Uploading videos, creating channels, sharing and amplifying content.

Get in touch to discuss you’re requirements.


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